Quickly check & increase readability score in wordpress. SEO readability checker.

Improve Flesch Reading ease score

increase readability score in wordpress
increase readability score in wordpress
Check & increase readability score in wordpress

Learn how to use SEO readability checker to check flesch reading score & increase readability score in wordpress

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What is readability? Why is it important?

According to research by The Economist, Most adult native test-takers know between 20,000 to 35,000 English words while an 8th grader also has very similar level of vocab. Therefore, a blogger should ensure his/her content is within a grammar and vocabulary range of an 8th grader in order to maximize your readership.

An average adult reads at a level similar to that of a child in 7th to 9th grade. So why do you need to keep your blog content hard to read and assimilate?

Google search for “assimilate meaning” gets roughly 10 million results while a similar search for “understand meaning” a whopping 3.42 BILLION result. The difficult but common word “comprehend” gets 56 million results.

Your reader should be able to easily comprehend what you intend to say from your blog. There’s no point of a brilliantly written and aesthetically drafted blog if no one can understand it.

It can be very difficult to write at a 8th grader level if your generally write technical or medical or legal documents. Doing so would be contrary to your usual writing style. Its best to keep a track of your content’s readability as you write instead of trying to fine-tune your writing once your article is complete.

If you are writing for the general public, a good readability score to aim for is at a readability grade level of 8 or lower. That’s good enough for majority of your readers to easily understand your article.

Are readability scores worthwhile?

At any given moment, any website suffers high bounce rates due to short attention spans of site visitors. Given the plethora of information thrown to us on every Google search, its undoubtedly true that holding on to a reader’s attention is sometimes a task as difficult as a 100-mile run.

According to a new study from Microsoft Corp., people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds

A good quality content is defined as one which not only grabs reader attention immediately, but also doesn’t let them sway away easily.

Readability analysis or readability score will tell you the comprehension difficulty level of any text. It tells you whether its easier to read or not. A high score text increases the chance that your readers keeps on reading.

A flesch reading ease score formula or calculation gives you a set of objective measurements that you can use to quantify and manage readers expectations.

As per research, there are immense benefits of a well-readable paragraph. A small improvement can have a dramatic effect on SEO and on measurable results like your website’s ranking.

Two ways to check & increase readability score in wordpress.

There are two ways you can keep your article’s readability under check as well as improve readability in WordPress as you progress in your article.

Install a WordPress plugin for SEO

Most SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, Rank-math have an in-built readability scorer. As you write, the plugin will check your content and give you a readability score grade level along with hints and ideas on how to improve readability in WordPress.

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Use a FREE online readability checker

Several websites offer you to check readability score of your website or any other text. Some are paid but most are free, with limitations on the words in text / document.

Read more.

How to check readability score in WordPress using All in One SEO Pack?

All in One SEO pack is the oldest and most popular SEO plugins. In this 5-step guide, I will show you how to install All in One SEO plugin and use it as a free SEO readability checker to find the readability score grade level for your website or improve your blog’s readability in wordpress.

Actually, all popular SEO plugins have similar readability analysis in wordpress. I will take All in One SEO pack as just an example to describe the process of readability analysis in wordpress to get a good readability score grade level in your blog.

Step 1: Install All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

to check readability score of your website and improve readability in wordpress, you need to do at least basic level of readability analysis in wordpress. All the three popular SEO plugins have a readability checker and scorer. All these readability checker and scorers give you suggestions to improve readability in wordpress and get a high readability score.

plugins for SEO readability checker
popular SEO plugins

All In One SEO Pack plugin has a FREE version and an AIOSEO Pro version. The Pro version adds additional features such as eCommerce SEO, video sitemaps, professional support, and so on.

You can work your way well with the free version but the pro version gives you all the extra benefits that help your SEO effort take you the extra mile ahead. I would any day recommend getting any of the 3 popular SEO plugins. You may buy the All in One SEO pack by clicking on the banner below.

all in one seo

First you have to go to Plugins section in your WordPress installation, search for All in One SEO pack, install it and activate it.

Step 2: Start writing a new article or edit an existing article

Once you install the plugin, you may start a new article or edit your existing article to check its readability score. Once you are in edit screen in WordPress, you can see All in One SEO settings on the right pane of your edit screen.

Here, you can see various points on what you are missing and how you can improve readability score in wordpress. Following screenshot shows an example of readability score analysis of a new post when you just start writing it.

all in one seo readability checker
how to check flesch reading score

Step 3: Add the focus keyphrase

Focus keyphrase is a set of words that you use in Google search to find something. When people search for that phrase, you want them to find your website instead of any other website. In short, your post should have a high ranking for this set of words.

SEMrush sq banner

As the bare minimum, you will need to add a focus keyphrase for All in One SEO pack to begin giving you readability score analysis recommendations correctly to help you improve readability score in wordpress.

As soon as you start writing or start acting on the points made by All in One SEO pack plugin, you will start seeing see several green ticks.

Flesch Reading ease score
Flesch Reading ease score

Flesch reading ease score

How to check flesch reading ease score? The last recommendation point under readability analysis list in All in One SEO pack answers this question.

The Flesch Reading ease Score is a benchmark tool that analyses a paragraph and gives it a readability score between 0 to 100. A score closer to 100 indicates the paragraph is easier to read. An average raw document has a Flesch Reading ease score of anywhere between 6 to 70. An average 5th grader can understand any paragraph with a Flesch ease reading score of 90-100. Similarly, 8th or 9th grade students can understand documents with a score of 60-70; and a paragraph with a score of Flesch Reading ease 0-30 can be easily understood by college graduates.

Step 4: Act on the readability score analysis list by All in One SEO Pack

You can see that on the top right you will see a total SEO score, which includes the readability score. In the above screenshot, the total SEO score is 63/100. To find the perfect answer on how to increase readability score in wordpress, you have to work on improving readability score of your website by modifying text in your post. You should do that by utilising the suggestions given in the readability list of All in One SEO pack. Gradually you will see your overall SEO score rise along with appearance of more new green ticks.

Buy All in One SEO pack by clicking the banner below.

aioseo 6206

Step 5: Improve overall SEO score of your post

Try to achieve an overall SEO score between 90 to 100 and all green ticks in the readability list of Rank-math or Yoast or All in One SEO pack. Follow every piece of advice / suggestion and make changes to your existing documents to finally see a well-written structured document or webpage or blog post.

Rank High in Google / Bing by writing content with optimal Readability. SEO tools to improve Readability. Click the video image below to start your 30-day FREE trial

linkedin readability

How to use a SEO readability checker online for FREE?

What if you are not using All in One SEO pack or what if your preferred SEO plugin does not show readability score grade level? What if you don’t have any way to increase readability score in wordpress or you don’t know how to check flesch reading score?

The answer for this abstruse question on how to increase readability score in wordpress is simply to check readability score ONLINE. Many websites help you check readability score online for free.

You may use the following websites to accurately check text readability score online.

AUTOMATIC READABILITY CHECKER (readabilityformulas.com)

Free WebFX Readability Test Tool (webfx.com)

I will describe here 4 steps to check and increase readability score using the best online tool on the internet.

The Readable tool is a boon for people who do not have a SEO plugin to help increase readability score in wordPress, or their preferred SEO plugin does not have any option to check readability scores at all.

Step 1: Open the WebFX readability test tool website.

Click the following link to open the WebFX READABILITY TEST TOOL

Readable | Free Readability Test Tool (webfx.com)

Step 2: Go to “Test by URL” tab to test readability of your website.

check readability score online
WebFX readability test tool

Step 3: Enter your URL for inspection

In the form on the page of WebFX readability test tool, you can enter full website address. Then click the “Calculate readability” button to let the WebFX readability test tool easily check your readability score online. As mentioned, you will yourself notice that this is one of the best SEO readability checkers if you do not have a wordpress plugin to check flesch reading ease score.

Step 4: Interpret and act on the results.

WebFX readability test tool

It will show the readability score grade level of your content using Flesch Kincaid, Gunning Fog, SMOG and other online readability tests.

You will also see statistics on the number of sentences, words, complex words, paragraphs, and more.

It’s a shame that you do not see Readability suggestions list on this website. For that you will certainly need a complete SEO plugin.

As a comparison, I have shown the Readability score and suggestions using Rank-math plugin for the same post.

seo readability checker rankmath

Congratulations! Now you are one step further in scaling new heights with a great readability score grade level to get to the top Google ranking for your webpage or blog post.

I hope this article helped you check and improve readability score in WordPress posts.

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Thank you for reading this article. I have written several other such Technology related articles in other sections on this website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to use the Yoast SEO readability analysis?

Just like in All in One SEO pack and WebFX readability test tool, you can find Yoast readability analysis list and suggestions in Yoast SEO sidebar. It is also available in the Yoast SEO meta box below the post you’re editing.
Yoast SEO readability analysis uses the following checks to help you increase readability score in wordpress:
– Transition words: 
– Sentence beginnings: 
– Flesch reading ease: 
– Paragraph length: 
– Subheading distribution:
– Sentence length: 
– Passive voice: 

How do readability tests measure flesch reading ease score?

If you try to check readability score online or through any SEO readability checker, you will notice that the flesch reading ease score results will comprise of the following points:
– Reading level of the content as computed by several different readability formulas.
– Number of occurrences of keyword phrase
– Format and correct use of subheadings.
– Keyword distribution across the page
– Total Word count
– Grammar.
– Sentence structure.

Which are the most popular best readability tests?

Following are the most popular readability tests to check readability score of any document.
1. Flesch reading ease score is based on a 100-point scale, so the higher the number, the easier your document is to understand
2. Flesch-Kincaid grade level is equivalent to the American education grade level. It tries to match the appropriate education to be able to understand a document. General public reads at a grade level of around 8, while school children can have a readability score grade level of upto 13 or 14.
3. Gunning Fog Score was developed in 1952 by Robert Gunning. It estimates the years of formal education needed to comprehend some text on the first read. A fog index of 12 mirrors the reading level of a high school senior (~18 years old). Just see it as a score of 7 or 8 being ideal, while anything 12 or more is too complex for general public to read.
4. SMOG Index was developed in 1969 by G. Harry McLaughlin as a more accurate and easier to calculate substitute for the Gunning fog index. The formula for calculating the SMOG grade is:
a) count the words of three or more syllables in three 10-sentence samples,
b) estimate the count’s square root (from the nearest perfect square), and
c) add 3.
5. Coleman-Liau Index score calculates the comprehensibility of a text. Its output approximates the American grade level necessary to understand the text. The very simple formula to calculate the readability is = 5.89 x (characters/words) – 0.3 x (sentences/words) – 15.8.
6. The Automated Readability Index score works on using characters per word, instead of the usual syllables per word. The formula for calculating the automated readability index is = = 4.71 x (characters/words) – 0.5 x (words/sentences) – 21.43.

What readability grade level should I write for?

In order to reach general public all around the world, including non-native English speakers, aim for a level of around 6th or 7th grade. This will help you to also reach readers who are not very good at reading comprehension. After all, what you need is a document simple and clear enough to get your message across quickly.

How many words make a sentence on an average?

There’s no defined or specified length of a sentence. Any well-written sentence should have around 20 words on average. Keep in mind that if you use simple, clear and short sentences, it will be much more effective in helping general public understand your content

How to check flesch reading score?

You can calculate text flesch reading score of your document or article via 3 methods:

1. Check readability score online at websites like:
– readable.com,
– webfx.com,
– readabilityformulas.com

2. Use a WordPress plugin like All in One SEO, or Yoast, or Rankmath.
I prefer All in One SEO because it is the oldest, most powerful yet lightest plugin on your web server consuming far less resources like RAM & CPU. Not only is it a perfect SEO readability checker, it is also a full fledged Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress.

You may see the steps described in this article on how to calculate readability score in wordpress using All in One SEO.

3. Use Microsoft Word to check flesch reading ease score.

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